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Updated: DayZ patch fixes gender selection, addresses a multitude of bugs


As well as fixing some issues with female character skins, the latest update has sped up the login process and fixed parachutes. Unfortunately, it’s also removed our canine companions until a few dog-related issues can be resolved. Creator Rocket praised the community for their work on this update, saying it was entirely their own work. “My involvement has simply been oversight,” he said. “Please direct your support for this update to them, as they deserve it.”

You may remember Jeremy telling us that the previous update prevented players from pitching tents in concrete. Well, now we can no longer set them up in ponds, I’m sad to report.

Update: “It became because of my butt-hurt over streetlamps,” says Rocket. Turns out the community very much want those in their game.

Here’s a full list of the updates and new features:

* [NEW] class Mi17_TK_EP1 Now Unbanned. (Mi17_DZ)

* [NEW] An2_TK_EP1 Now Unbanned.(AN2_DZ)

* [NEW] AH6X Now Unbanned. (AH6X_DZ)

* [NEW] BAF_Offroad_D Now Unbanned.

* [NEW] BAF_Offroad_W Now Added.

* [NEW] Fully Removed Save button from action menu.

* [NEW] New combat mode icon (G17) thanks Alexander.

* [NEW] Gender section screen thanks F0rt.

* [NEW] You can no longer place tents in ponds.

* [NEW] Disabled greeting menu.

* [NEW] Disabled radio messages to be heard and shown in the left lower corner of the screen.

* [NEW] General speed up of the login process.

* [NEW] Street Lights now active in towns.

* [NEW] (*.2 Hotfix)Added some Anti-cheat.

* [NEW] (*.3 Hotfix)Added local copy of cert if it cant get one online, version checks.

* [UPDATED] Combat Logging “Fired Near” checks are now limited to 8 meter radius.

* [UPDATED] Combat Logging “Projectile Near” Have now been removed while we look for a less intensive way to track projectiles.

* [UPDATED] Combat Logging is now removed on death.

* [UPDATED] Corrected legs and hands fractures they must be set with actual value.

* [UPDATED] (*.1 Hotfix)Updated hive .dlls to fix a reconnect issue with prepared statements.

* [UPDATED] (*.1 Hotfix)Increased m107 loot chance to 0.02.

* [UPDATED] (*.1 Hotfix)Lowered As50 loot chance to 0.01.

* [Fixed] Adding checks for female skin humanity/login.

* [Fixed] Adding female skin to variables.

* [Fixed] Fixed Parachute so jumping out of choppers won?t kill you.

* [Fixed] Event Handle for wrecked choppers this should allow the smoke on wrecks to work all the time.

* [Fixed] Event Handle for Vehicles this fix’s problems with local vehicle damage calls.

* [Fixed] Remove objects from DB by objectID and objectUID only (should fix Deployable problems).

* [Fixed] Debug menu options are no longer editable.

* [Fixed] Locked Singleplayer Menu.

* [Fixed] (*.1 Hotfix) Players with high CharacterID weren’t dying properly.

* [Fixed] (*.2 Hotfix) Fixed 2nd Parachute removal issue.

* [REMOVED] Damaged logging to .rpt removed all traces of damage to a player.

* [REMOVED] An2_1_TK_CIV_EP1 Got removed during testing devs felt it lacked perpose in the game.

* [REMOVED] An2_2_TK_CIV_EP1 Got removed during testing devs felt it lacked perpose in the game.

* [REMOVED] MV22 Got removed during testing devs felt it lacked purpose in the game.

* [REMOVED] S1203_ambulance_EP1 Got replaced during testing to a hmmv class vehicle.

* [REMOVED] BAF_L85A2_RIS_CWS From Loot table.

* [REMOVED] UH60_wreck_EP1.

* [REMOVED] HMMWV_Ambulance_CZ_DES_EP1 Removed due to its heal ability.

* [REMOVED] Dogs removed while we rewrite the hud and correct a few other issues (attak, Getin/out of vehicles).

* [REMOVED] UH60M_MEV_EP1 Removed due to its heal ability.