Win a copy of papercraft action-RPG Upside-Down Dimensions on Steam Early Access!

Upside-Down Dimensions

Being a visual game, the first thing that’ll strike you about Upside-Down Dimensions is its colourful papercraft world. But don’t think it fragile due to the material it’s made from – Upside-Down is a fast-moving action game that combines stealth, platforming, combat, and puzzles, all wrapped up in an RPG coating.

If you’re wondering where the title comes in, it refers to the fact that you actually play two main characters across two different dimensions, alternating between them to solve many of the game’s environmental puzzles.

The story goes that the Dark Shogun is looking to quell this tranquil kingdom made of paper and, as such, fractures it. Two heroes – a boy and a girl – stand up against this evil force, but they find they’ve been separated into different dimensions. Luckily, they’re able to affect objects in each other’s dimensions, hence they have to work together to survive against the Dark Shogun and his minions.

You’ll need to use your brain, agility, and a samurai sword to turn the Japanese warriors you face into heaps of confetti in Upside-Down Dimensions. Helping you along are the magical origami power-ups which make great use of the game’s papercraft aesthetic – that’s where the RPG part comes in.

If you like what you’re reading then you’ll probably want to get a copy of Upside-Down Dimensions, right? Well, here you go: we’re giving away 25 keys to unlock the game now that it’s out on Steam Early Access.

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