US political parties make Twitch part of their battleground as Democrats announce they’ll stream convention there

US politics Twitch

If you want a barometer to indicate just how much Twitch has changed the landscape, the Democrats’ announcement confirming they’ll stream there party conference via the service provides it. The Democrats’ conference will also go out live on YouTube, Bing, Twitter and their own site. 

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This presents the very real possibility that you’ll be watching important and impassioned political dialogue in between someone playing de_dust2 and some LoL streamers. What an age we live in.

The Republican party have announced similarly wide-reaching plans for their own convention this year – YouTube, Bing, and a proprietary mobile app – but have yet to give the go-ahead to the land of CS:GO crate openings and Dark Souls for their annual party convention.

It paves the way for an exciting new political future, in which young people can engage with important issues in what they feel is home territory. A future in which politicians aren’t disgraced amidst tax scandals or tell-all memoirs, but are forced to resign after failing to disclose that the skin betting site they’ve been promoting was their own company.

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