Valheim update adds crossplay as Steam survival game goes to Game Pass

The new Valheim update adds crossplay to the Steam survival game which is heading to PC Game Pass later this month, with an Xbox release date in 2023

Valheim update adds crossplay as Steam survival game goes to Game Pass: A troll attacks the player in a Valheim forest

The latest Valheim update adds crossplay features between Linux and Windows players of the Steam survival game, which is due to arrive on PC Game Pass on September 29, ahead of a full release on Xbox Series X|S coming in 2023.

Patch notes for Valheim update 0.211.7 confirm the release of crossplay, meaning players across different platforms will now be able to play together. If all players are using Valheim on Steam, it’s simply a case of joining your friend’s server. If using two different platforms, however, the process is a little more complex. Server hosts will need to enable the crossplay functionality, and players arriving from other platforms will need to enter a code in order to enter, which will appear whenever they try to access a dedicated crossplay server.

Other changes include a new “manage saves” tab in the interface to make it easier for Valheim players to restore or remove saves and backups, and a “join game” tab that allows you to bookmark favourite servers and check their status. In order to access all of these features, as well as crossplay, you will need to update Valheim to version 0.211.7, and ensure that any friends you are attempting to play with have their version of the game updated, too.

A preview version of Valheim arrives for PC players on September 29, with the Xbox Series X|S release date currently set for Q2 of 2023. Thanks to the new update, if you have any friends playing on console, one the game launches there you should all be able to access the same Valheim server together. Full patch notes for Valheim 0.211.7 are out now on Steam.

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