Valiant Hearts brings the feels with its somber E3 trailer


100 years on from The First World War, Ubisoft are telling some of the conflict’s most tragic, brave stories through our beloved interactive medium. Rendered in the charming UbiArt framework, letters sent during the war have been recreated as tales to play through in the form of Valiant Hearts. 

Showing off the stories of Emile, Anna, Freddie, and Karl, the E3 trailer was as somber as they come. It’s a beautiful thing, we’re so used to the bombastic interpretations of war in PC games that to see a game approaching the subject with some kind of respect is both odd and refreshing. There’s still an element of joy there though; just watch as Emile runs across the training field, bayonet pushed forward, his little legs flailing. Our Jules called Valiant Hearts a ‘joyful adventure’ in his hands-on with the game, and I think you can see that glimmering through in the trailer.

Valiant Hearts – The Great War releases June 25th.