Valnir Rok is a new Norse multiplayer survival RPG, and you can sign up for the alpha now

Valnir Rok Fight

“You awaken on a beach, half-naked and exhausted.” No, it’s not my new smutty fan fiction – it’s the start of the upcoming viking survival game Valnir Rok. You wake up as a nobody, who must venture in land to create a new life, as whatever you want to be. Of course, the obvious option is to be a badass who slays the dragons that roam the land.

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The trailer above has some early footage of the game – including human fights, bear fights, troll fights, and dragon fights, because what is the life of a viking if not the succession of more and more dangerous battles?

On the official websitethere are some more details about what you’ll do – build settlements, create your own clan, and fight other clans. “Might makes right in the Viking world of Valnir Rok,” it reads.

Other than the one announcement trailer, there’s not much to go on bar the text on the site, but the game will be at Gamescom later this month. If it looks like your sort of thing, you can sign up for the closed alpha or wait for details to come out during the show in Germany. Unfortunately, the closed alpha has a non-disclosure agreement attached, so you can’t expect testers to tell you how it is.

Over on the developer’s website, it says the game will be coming to Early Access “soon” though, so perhaps you can look out for that around the time of Gamescom.