Valorant Raze nerf turns out to be a bug

Valorant fans feared that patch 4.05 included a secret nerf for the agent Raze, but it turns out it was the unintended side effect of a bug

Valorant Raze nerf: the agent leans against a wall while using a device

Riot Games has cleared up some unintended side effects of Valorant patch 4.05 that left Raze nerfed and spikes a tad quieter than they ought to be. If you thought the agent felt a bit off recently, then fret not, as it wasn’t just you.

Valorant latest update initially went live earlier this week, though it didn’t take fans long to notice that something was up. Players took to Reddit and Twitter to report that they were having issues re-equipping weapons after using her black packs and ult. Players noticed other bugs, too, such as the spike defuse sounds not being audible for players across the map, which makes playing the CS:GO-like a tad difficult.

The Valorant team initially confirmed that it was aware of the bugs and that a fix was coming in a few hours. Unfortunately, though, the bugs turned out to be trickier than the team thought, leading to competitive queues being disabled until earlier today. Raze is now back to her old self and spikes are nice and loud again, so you can enjoy a weekend of competitive Valorant.

As for what Valorant’s 4.05 patch was supposed to do, Riot Games nerfed Brimston’s stim beacon after an earlier update left the agent feeling too good.

“Some call him ‘Brimmy with the stimmy.’ And while it’s been exciting to see you all leverage Brimstone’s recent Stim Beacon balance in fresh ways, we think having two stims reduced the importance of deploying it at the right moment,” community strategist Jeff Landa explained. “The changes below are our attempt to address this while still retaining Brimstone’s refined identity as a ‘bursty’ excellence of execution.”

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