Valorant’s Split map has been overhauled

A Valorant character reloads a shotgun while standing behind a stack of large crates, as the player fires a red-accented pistol at an enemy positioned down a hallway.

I didn’t care much for Valorant‘s Split map initially, but now it’s been reworked I may give it another try. It often felt easier to defend on the map as the options for an attack were quite limited. I still remember the audible groan from my group of friends whenever it popped up while we were playing.

Riot Games has revealed a raft of changes in a blog post on Valorant’s website, showing some ideas behind the new rework. The developer wants to improve attacking options, reduce 50/50 checks, the depth of certain corners, and open up specific areas by increasing chokepoints’ width.

But what does that mean, exactly? Riot has provided several images that demonstrate just that. B’s main doorway has been increased to make it harder for defenders, and several corners have been filled in so it’s harder to sit and wait there. Some cubbies have been removed entirely, such as the one near the defender’s spawn on the B side.

Elsewhere, Jett’s smokes have been nerfed, and now only last 4.5 seconds instead of seven.

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