Valve announce Steam Link, a device to enable plug ‘n’ play in-home streaming

Valve Steam Link

Valve have announced at this year’s GDC another new device to help users move Steam into the living room. The Steam Link, a small and compact computer, will allow for an easy medium between the TV and your gaming PC. The device will be sold later this year, in November, and at a $49.99 price point.

The Steam Link has a few features that make it quite a desirable solution to those who want to use Steam’s in-home streaming.

  • Steam Link connects to your TV via a HDMI port, offering a substantial boost to image quality.
  • It features a direct ethernet port for those who don’t want to compromise on speed and latency.
  • We’re not sure if it’ll feature a native wireless solution, but three USB ports might enable use of a third-party wireless device. It will also enable input from other devices, such as controllers, to be sent back to the gaming PC.

The Steam Link, along with its bigger brother, the Steam Machine, and Valve’s Steam Controller (also at a $49.99 price point), will be available in November, 2015.