Valve’s Index VR kit is $1000 – you can pre-order it tomorrow

Valve's VR headset will be available for early purchase tomorrow

Index is Valve’s in-house take on VR, and we’ve been waiting for further details ever since a Steam store page leaked the early details on the headset. Now Valve has made those details official, and you’re not going to have to wait very long for the initial launch. Pre-orders go live tomorrow for the initial “limited-quantity launch.”

The Index headset, controller, and base stations will be available for pre-order on May 1, either individually or as part of various bundles, and will only be available in the United States and European Union. The first shipments are set to go out on July 1, though Valve is leaving itself some wiggle room on the exact Index release date.

The full kit, with headset, a pair of controllers, and two base stations is priced at $999. Individually, the headset is priced at $499, a pair of controllers is $279, and a single base station is $149. The company promises more details at the official site, and we’ll naturally bring you anything relevant we come across. You can at least expect price info to be out there once tomorrow’s pre-orders are live.

Valve Index – both the headset and controllers – will be compatible with all existing Steam VR games. The real question is what sort of original software Valve will be bringing to the headset, assuming all the reports and rumours about VR game development are true.

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A Half-Life prequel is chief among the rumoured VR projects at Valve, and we’ll likely find out the truth of those reports – along with everything else on the Index – very soon.