Valve partner with WeLoveFine for a new merch store – they’ve got ‘baloonicorns’

Valve store

Like games? Love plushies, t-shirts and other tat? No judgement here, I definitely do, and Valve know it. Therefore they’ve just released a massive update to their merchandise store, permanently associating it with, a popular general-nerdery internet saleshouse. The updated and revamped store has everything from Pudge mousemats to Medic dresses, while retaining the Workshop – a place to submit your own designs.

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Have a browse over here, but perhaps my favourite (especially given recent events) is this CS:GO skin-styled mouse. The mouse itself looks to be of decent quality, it’s also a lot cheaper than the $250+ its in-game knife versions go for.

If that’s not your bag, there is a lot of other stuff on there. This mouse pad of an isometric pixel-art version of CS:GO caught my eye, not least because somebody should make that game. Here’s the aforementioned ‘baloonicorn’ plushie, which I’m told relates to TF2 and I’ve never been happier I stopped playing a game. There’s also a frankly endless number of t-shirts, including a new Black Mesa one – nobody say it. We’ll all just think it.

In their introduction of the store, Valve say that “the new Valve Store is powered by WeLoveFine’s established production and distribution infrastructure, which provides better support for an increased volume of customer demand, and drastically expands our ability to deliver fan merchandise to nearly every country around the world where Valve games are played.”

It will also buff up the workshop, apparently. “The further integration of their community-engaged production process with the Valve Store’s operations will help refine the pathway that user-generated content takes en route to becoming officially-licensed merchandise, and continue to ensure that a variety of quality design options are available to fans.”

The real-life Workshop operates much the same as the in-game ones, with the same interface and system on Steam. Here’s a Faceless Void snowglobe. Yes.