Valve’s VR specialist joins Oculus Rift team


The team over at Oculus VR – makers of the Oculus Rift VR headset – has been expanding of late. It now has more than 20 in-house engineers working on their headset technology and other secret projects. One of their newest hires is Tom Forsyth, previously a software architect working at Valve on the Team Fortress 2 VR integration.

According to the announcement blog, Forsyth has spent the last 20 years working at companies like Valve, Intel, and RAD Game Tools. His last project over at Valve, as I said up top, was working on integrating the Oculus Rift headset into Team Fortress 2, working alongside Michael Abrash and Joe Ludwig.

While at Oculus, Forsyth will be working on the SDK that comes bundled with the developer version of the headset, hopefully easing any integration pains that come with running games through the VR visor. He’ll also be working on “a few top-secret VR R&D projects”

Forsyth had a few words to say on his arrival to the team, “The Rift is a great bit of kit and combines a bunch of different technology together in a very clever package. It was amazing working with it on Team Fortress 2 and seeing the extra immersion people felt inside a game they already knew so well. I’m really looking forward to helping other developers work with this tech as we go towards a consumer version.”

Can’t wait to hear about those top secret projects. I’m picturing something akin the little door leading into John Malkovich’s head in Being John Malkovich, only you put on the headset and enter Palmer Lucky’s mind, instead.

Cheers, Eurogamer.