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Valve will now allow you to subscribe to games on Steam


Today Valve reveal plans for a new subscription based payment plan, to be built directly into Steam. It’s designed to “give gamers flexibility and control” of subscription based games, by allowing them to managed all in one place. Unholy Wars, will be the first to use the new system.

It’s always been a hassle to keep track of multiple subscriptions, especially if you’re into your MMO’s as I am. Every month that goes by, I franticly have to sign into multiple accounts to check exactly how much money is being sucked out of my bank account.

Valve is allowing you to do this all in one familiar place: Steam. It’s great if you bought a lot of subscription based games from Steam itself, but I don’t know how it would interact with a game bought elsewhere. It would be great if Valve allowed you to download clients straight from Steam, without having to buy another account.

Greenlit game Darkfall Unholy Wars is the first to use the new plan, with an initial £29.95 purchase followed up by a hefty £11.95 monthly fee.

Thanks NeoGaf.