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Hit roguelike celebrates huge new update with homage to FF7

Vampire Survivors celebrates its game engine and the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launch with an FF7 homage trailer and a huge new update.

Legendary bullet hell roguelike gets huge free update: A scowling vampire from Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors is already more than capable of sinking its fangs deep into any player who gives it a shot, sucking up more free time than they might expect. And yet, its creator Poncle has continued to work away at the hit game, regularly releasing both (very affordable) paid DLC and huge, complimentary updates to the smash hit roguelike. The latest of these, the free Space54 update, has just been launched in celebration of the game engine first used to make Vampire Survivors and, curiously enough, the original Final Fantasy 7 trailer put out back in 1997.

Anyone looking for more to do in the roguelike game will have plenty to dig into with Space54. Vampire Survivors‘ latest free update includes two new characters, one of which is an onion-headed astronaut called Space Dude, as well as plenty of other space themed extras. These include a new stage with a swirling galaxy background, a relic that randomizes level up options, seven fresh achievements, and four weapons, such as a “Phas3r gun” named in tribute to the free HTML game maker used as the original Vampire Survivors engine.

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Aside from this substantial update, Poncle also decided to make a Vampires Survivor based homage to the 1997 Final Fantasy 7 teaser trailer to mark today’s launch of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. You can check that out below.

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