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Vermintide 2’s characters have ultimate abilities based on their career choices

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Vermintide 2’s characters will have “Overwatch-style super abilities,” unique to the career paths they choose to follow. The super abilities were uncovered during a recent hands-on, PC Gamer report.

The Vermintide devs say “we own our future” – but what does that mean for Vermintide 2?

The roster for Vermintide 2 will remain the same as in the first game, with Bardin the Dwarf, Victor Saltzpyre the Witch Hunter, Kruber the Knight, Sienna the Mage, and Kerillian the elf all returning. This time around, however, each hero will have a choice of three ‘careers’ that determine the way they play.

Bardin, for example, can choose to be a slayer to boost his damage output, or an Ironbreaker to make him tankier. Kerillion, on the other hand, can be a shade, allowing her to do more backstab damage. Each career comes with a passive ability, but also a super-ability, similar to an ultimate in a hero-shooter like Overwatch. As a shade, Kerillion can turn invisible and move through enemies to reposition for a powerful backstab. Victor, in his captain career, can push back enemies in a radius around him and revive downed allies.

Careers will also impact on your character’s personality, and some of them helped introduce new weapons. But they aren’t the only ways to round out your playstyle; you can also invest in talents – smaller bonuses that add damage to a tank, or some survivability to an assassin.

All careers are flexible, and talents can be re-assigned at no cost. Game director Anders De Geer says the team “want people to try different builds out,” and hopes that the system will encourage new players to ease into the game with one build before developing another.

Vermintide 2 is scheduled for release in early 2018.