Vice President Biden to meet with games industry reps, will discuss gun violence


After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings last year, the Vice President has created a task force to look into the issue of gun violence in the United States. Meetings with both the National Rifle Association and games industry representatives are on his schedule. Biden will attend the first of these meetings some time this week.

At the same time, the Entertainment Merchants Association, speaking for the home entertainment industry, has written to Biden to ask him not to pursue any investigation into connections between video games, movies and violence. The EMA said that blaming such media “is an attempt to distract the attention
of the public and the media from meaningful action that will keep our
children safer” and suggested that, rather than commissioning further studies into the links between media and violence, “the federal government take stock of its existing studies.”

The letter cited several studies that have shown no connection between video games and real-life violence, instead point to other factors.

Thanks to both VG24/7 and Mashable.