New Victoria 3 DLC is coming, and some players get it free

Victoria 3, the deep, economic strategy game from Cities Skylines 2 dev Paradox, has a new DLC on the way, free to certain players.

New Victoria 3 DLC: A hunter from Paradox strategy game Victoria 3

Between Cities Skylines 2, Civilization 6, Crusader Kings 3, and Europa Universalis 4, it’s a good time for strategy fans right now. From small-scale micromanagement to global domination, we’re almost spoiled for choice, with even more – like Paradox’s new and very exciting-looking Millennia – on the way. Right now, though, it’s Victoria 3’s turn. The empire-building, historically-driven strategy sim is about to get a sizable new DLC focusing on South America, and for some players, it’ll be available for free.

Victoria 3 remains one of the most unique strategy games in the world. Centring on a very specific period of the imperial past, and allowing you to choose between a variety of different cultures and government styles, it’s fueled by an encyclopedic, expert level of historical knowledge. Developed and published by Paradox, Victoria 3 one of the best examples of ‘narrow, but deep.’ Drilling into niche elements of the cultural, technological, economical, and industrial revolution, it’s ideal for history and strategy buffs.

Now, Victoria 3 is getting a substantial new flavor pack. Colossus of the South shifts our focus over to South America, and the various budding republics newly-freed from colonial rule. There are new historical characters, new events and actions connected to Brazil and Paraguay, and additional journal entries detailing the attempts at unifying the entire continent. Check out the trailer below.

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The Victoria 3 Colossus of the South release date is set for Tuesday, November 14. Best of all, if you already own the Victoria 3 Grand Edition or subscribe to the Victoria 3 Expansion Pass, it’s available for free. Otherwise, Victoria 3 Colossus of the South can be pre-ordered right now for $5.99 / £4.99.

As we wait for the next Victoria 3 flavor pack, try some of the other best grand strategy games on PC, or maybe the best 4X games. You might also want to learn more about Millennia, as Paradox tries to take on Civilization at its own game.