PT-inspired and exceptionally pretty house-bound horror Visage nears goals on Kickstarter


The legacy of Silent Hills teaser P.T. will carry on no matter what Kojima, Del Toro or Konami do with the game themselves. Visage got on Kickstarter in late January and is just about to hit its goal with a month to spare. It’s the same sort of deal – spooky house, scary ghost, fear of death and exceptional prettiness – though without the constantly cycling single-corridor that was PT’s calling card.

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Part of the reason for the Kickstarter success is a low goal at just $35,000 CAD (about £17.3k or $25.2k USD) and their very long, very good looking trailer. It explores the house, including a long stop in a closet, and then things all get a bit Machine For Pigs quickly followed by FEAR 2.

Spooky, and with a much higher fidelity than I’m used to looking at in Kickstarter trailers. It’s certainly cashing in on the in-vogue nature of horror of this type, but they’ve clearly been working on it for a while. Even if it’s just test footage, their ability to set a scene and keep it scary is impressive.

The campaign page itself is a little less thrilling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably better than the majority, but most successful campaigns these days have far longer and more in-depth descriptions than that. It does run through their plan, and at least has a budget plan even if I’m not sure exactly how the 10% towards gameplay differentiates from 50% towards ‘environment and game events.’ They also mention that the majority of the sound and music is being done for free as a passion project.

As always, be careful what you invest in. A copy of the game is $15 CAD, around $10 USD or £7.50, so you’re hardly throwing your life away if you want those stretch goals. They don’t think they’ll deliver until January of next year, and chances are it’ll slip beyond that, as they all do. We’ll keep an eye on it as it develops.