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Volume’s new trailer shouts out August release date

Volume release date

Volume is a game all about hiding around corners, which funnily enough is exactly where it’s release date is. Developer Mike Bithell has just pushed out a new trailer that shows off some wonderfully Metal Gear Solid-vibed gameplay, along with the day we’ll finally be able to sneak into that bright and blocky world.

August 18th will be the day Volume is discovered on Steam. From that day forth, you’ll be able to sneak around levels using sound to distract guards and automated turrets. Clever use of noise will keep you undercover and undetected. That’s the best way to stay not dead.

The game will also come with a level editor that allows players to recreate Bithell’s efforts with new twists and fresh challenges, which should keep the game fresh and infinitely replayable. If it’s a straight story you’re after, you’ll be pleased to know Thomas Was Alone alum Danny Wallace is back for voice duties, as well as Gollum/Caesar/every-CGI-character-ever Andy Serkis.