Steam hardware stats show Vive surging ahead of Rift units in popularity


May’s Steam hardware survey suggests Valve’s Vive headset is outpaging the Oculus Rift in early adopter ownership.

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The survey, which users of the platform opt into and Steam automatically collects hardware details from, shows a shift from 79.1% of VR users owning an Oculus Rift DK2, 4.7% the consumer release and 16.2% a HTC Vive in April, to 13.9% DK2, 19.49% consumer Rift and 66.61% Vive at the end of May.

Of course, the data on its own serves only a small section of the VR market, and is possibly weighted towards Vive as users would already use the platform conducting the survey.

In addition, Rift pre-order shipment delays meant the bulk of units arrived with owners after May, and owners may also opt to only use their headset with the native Oculus storefront.

However, among Steam users who are a) opted into hardware surveys and b) adopting Virtual Reality, the Vive appears to have a strong swing lead at the moment.

We’ll check back once June’s survey has been itemised to see if those late Oculus shipments had much of an impact.