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VRChat has been downloaded more than a million times in the past two weeks


VRChat has reached 1.5 million downloads. The virtual reality chatroom (which you can access whether you own a working VR headset or not) has shifted over one million copies in the past two weeks. SteamSpy confirms that the total number of downloads currently sits at nearly 1.7 million.

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VRChat allows any player to make their own unique avatar, complete with its own animations, which can be controlled via VR motion controllers. That freedom has led to several pop culture characters popping up in the game, including Ronald McDonald, Toad, and Charizard.

VRChat is free to download, which may have helped boost its popularity. What might have helped more, however, is the significant attention the game has received from YouTubers and streamers alike - PewDiePie and Videogamedunkey are among the personalities who have featured the game on their channels.

Also helpful, however, is the fact that VRChat has spawned a very popular, if controversial, meme in the form of a diminutive Sonic the Hedgehog character.

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The DJ avatarg.poubelle avatartailsthefox200 avatarAsukechan532 avatarbombslapper avatar
The DJ Avatar
6 Months ago

I feel like this game has grown just because of the Uganda Knuckles meme

g.poubelle Avatar
6 Months ago

Well popular YouTubers are certainly responsible for the recent explosion...

But even before they jumped on, some new YouTubers had already grown from 0 to over 100,000 subscribers just from posting VRchat videos (sagas), such as this one :


Asukechan532 Avatar
4 Months ago

this game is for people who dont have friends :P

bombslapper Avatar
1 Month ago

Qwonk is the most famous VrChat player. This is great