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Walking Dead Episode 4 US release date set for this week


If Telltale really are going to finish The Walking Dead Season 1 by December 4th, they’d better get their moral quandary-fuelled motor skates on. Reassuringly, we’ve received word of a first-hand sighting over at IGN of Telltale staffers and Walking Dead leads Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman tying up their motor-laces, in preparation for the release of Episode 4 this very week.

In the US, Episode 4 – entitled Around Every Corner (subtitle “…is the reanimated corpse of a close friend or relative” TBC) – will arrive on Steam, Origin, and the like on Wednesday, October 10th. UK and international release dates are yet to be announced, though series history teaches us we shan’t be waiting long.

Find out why The Walking Dead is Telltale’s masterpiece. And while you’re at it, arm yourself, with steely heart and handy bits of wood.