The Walking Dead Season One will be finished by December 4th


We love Telltale’s The Walking Dead over here. We cuddle it at night and whisper sweet nothings into its corpsey ear at night. Steve even wrote it a love letter. So the news that it’ll be finished by December 4th, in time to be burned onto a disc and launched as a full game on consoles, lifts our hearts, temporarily, before the inevitable heaviness that will come from actually playing them. Those difficult choices weigh heavy.

The news came via the Telltale Games twitter account, where they detailed that the boxed version of the game would be hitting America on December 4th. “Entire season on disc” shouldmean that the remaining two episodes, Around Every Corner and No Time Left, should be released digitally beforehand.

If they do manage to get them both out before December 4th, that’ll be an acceleration:we’ve been waitingnearly two months between each episode. Not that we’re complaining; we’ll take as much heart wrenching zombie death as we can get to rip our heartstrings to pieces.