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Dungeon Keeper successor War for the Overworld adds new sandbox game mode

War for the Overworld

Hands up who remembers Dungeon Keeper? This sharp-witted 1997 dungeon management sim should be fondly remembered by all PC gamers of a certain age, and now War for the Overworld, a blatant DK homage, has got a new update.

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Entitled My Pet Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper fans won’t be surprised to learn that it adds a new sandbox campaign inspired by the Dungeon Keeper 2 game mode of the same name. You’ll score points by building out your dungeon, killing enemies and completing special bonus objectives, unlocking the next level when you hit a certain threshold.

The update also adds a new snowy terrain theme and a couple of gameplay features – spawn waves of enemy units to test your dungeon out, or turn on God mode to shape the very land.

To celebrate the game’s second anniversary, developers Brightrock have also announced the Anniversary Collection – a bundle that includes the base game and all its expansions, plus a number of extras previously only found in the Underlord special edition.

If you’re too young to know the inspired premise of Dungeon Keeper and its successor, please age immediately, and your job is to defeat the sort of adventurous heroes you usually play in games by building the most fiendish dungeon possible.

War for the Overworld is available on Steam here. Brightrock say it’s 75% off as part of the Steam daily deal for April 3, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at time of writing.