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Company of Heroes 3 meets Frostpunk in brutal new Steam strategy game

The moment-to-moment wartime realism of Company of Heroes 3 and the minute management of Frostpunk mix for a superb new Steam strategy sim.

War Hospital Steam strategy game: A soldier from Steam strategy game War Hospital

Company of Heroes 3, like Commandos, Brothers in Arms, and the erstwhile Full Spectrum Warrior, is a strategy game of small decisions. You’re not moving entire armies, or capturing cities – it’s a handful of brave troopers, trying to take a gun emplacement, an anti-aircraft gun, or a single building. It creates a sincere and intimate bond between you and the characters. Decisions are hard. You want everyone to live. Combine that with Frostpunk, the brutal survival sim where, likewise, you’re striving constantly to preserve life. Weather, lack of food, dwindling medical supplies – these are the enemies in Frostpunk. In the spirit of both these excellent games, and more than a little inspiration from Theme Hospital and Two Point Hospital, comes a new management and strategy experience, available now on Steam.

War Hospital is a strategy game with a humanitarian twist. As the chief medic overseeing a field clinic during World War I, your role, rather than shooting and combat, is to protect, heal, and safeguard soldiers. Periodically, your platoon will head into battle while you remain behind. Your fight starts once they return. Each skirmish produces new casualties, and they need to be triaged, treated, and operated on in time for the next mission.

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Supplies are dwindling and your patients and staff are constantly fighting against low morale. You can make research and technological advancements to improve treatment options, but, in some cases, there will be soldiers who you cannot save, owing to the severity of their wounds or, tragically, the shortness of resources.

This is the key moment in War Hospital. How do you decide who to save and who to allow to die? Created in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum, it’s a bold, emotionally charged management game with a respect for authenticity. If you want to try it, War Hospital is available right now.

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