War of the Roses pre-orders are now open; announcement trailer is uninformative


The time till we can recreate the feud between York and Lancaster without making our northerner friends fight each with frying pans in the living room is almost at an end: War of the Roses’ pre-orders have opened and we have all the details of what purchase grants you.

So, there are two options open to you. On the one hand we have the York deluxe edition and on the other we have the Lancaster deluxe edition. You can only get the Lancaster edition through Steam; anywhere else offering a pre-order will be stocking the York edition. They’re virtually identical, the only difference being aesthetic. The items youreceivearestenciledwith the colours and crests of the house’s edition that you own. Those items, in order of head to toe, are:

  • Royal Honey Badger Helmet Crest
  • Official Soundtrack(This, I’m assuming, is at ear level)
  • Royal Helm
  • Plate Cuirass
  • Black Iron Oxide Castillon Sword
  • Golden Lion Charge

Picking up a copy now also gets you access to the game’s beta.

Pre-orders end on the 25th September, I can only assume because the folk at Fat Shark and Paradox are strict celebrants of 1066’s The Battle of Stamford Bridge, marking the end of Viking attacks in England.

Ah, yes, and that rather bland trailer: