War of the Roses trial version released for free on Steam


Fatshark’s take on truly Medieval deathmatch is now free to download in whittled-down form, publishers Paradox have announced. The trial version offers access to all online battles, allowing the serfs to fight alongside paying nobility.

All unlocks will be inaccessible to free players, leaving them with the pick of the game’s base classes and weapons.

The trial version is already available on Steam. Click the ‘download demo’ link on the right hand side of the page to begin filling your PC with childhood dreams of horses and halberds.

The game has lately benefitted from a humongous patch – nearly 5Gb. And at least week’s Paradox Con, we learned that Brian Blessed would be gracing War of the Roses with his considerable dramatic weight in a DLC release due sometime this year.

The only remaining question: As a man raised in Lancashire, with a residency in Yorkshire, I’ve a foot in both camps. Who to skewer?