War Thunder has had to introduce a whole new classification for its newest tanks

War Thunder Tier 6 Patch 1.71

War Thunder has had an issue that has caused the developers to draw a line at adding newer tanks. Of course, a tank made in 2017 would easily defeat a tank from half a century ago – technology is, y’know, better. The line was somewhat arbitrary previously, focused on balance, but for the new tanks in patch 1.71, there’s a whole new tier: tier six.

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This is reflecting the game’s push to exploring the capabilities of tanks from the Cold War and Vietnam War, adding four new tanks: the BMP-1, the M50 Ontos, the T-64A, and the M60A1. All of them are veritable war machines.

Arriving in September, the 1.71 update is being called a “New E.R.A.” in War Thunder, with the introduction of tier six Ground Forces tanks. Composite and Explosive Reactive armour will also be added – new technologies developed post-WW2 that were previously too strong for the five-tier system.

On the official blog post, an administrator did confirm that there won’t be any tier six planes arriving in this update. Presumably, a positive response would encourage it, though!

There’s no confirmed release date for patch 1.71, a New E.R.A. (there’s no explanation for why it’s stylised like that, don’t ask us), but expect it next month, September 2017.