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Warcraft’s Samuro comes to Heroes of the Storm

HoTS Samuro

Warcraft’s orcish blademaster is coming to HoTS, and he’s bringing his doppelganger friends. Check him out in the stylish cinematic trailer above. 

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Being an Assassin type hero, Samuro has the Advancing Strikes hero trait, meaning his basic attacks against enemy players increase his movement speed by 25% for two seconds.

Samuro can also create mirror images of himself to battle foes, multiply damage or as a deception technique. His first heroic, Bladestorm, deals 285 damage per second for four seconds, swinging his blade about in a frenzy and damaging nearby enemies.

His second Heroic, Illusion Master, lets Samuro switch places with his doppelgangers and also take control of them.

See his abilities, skins and more in the new HoTS in-development video below: