You’ll be visiting a post-apocalyptic Pripyat in the next Warface special operation

Warface Chernobyl

Crytek’s free-to-play shooter Warface is getting a big new update later this year, bringing players to a location new to the game: Pripyat, in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Following on from the recent Blackout update, it’s going to introduce a lot of elements for the game’s continuing plotline.

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The trailer above shows what this new mission is going to look like: an irradiated, desolate remnant of a city, with, of course, more than enough bad guys to shoot. You might even recognise some locations from real life or other games set in the area (the pool, especially), as the team travelled out to get a better, accurate look at the area.

A non-linear story is promised, so there may well be multiple ways to go about this one. New enemies and bosses should be introduced, too, perhaps to reflect the “post-apocalyptic” style that the developers are looking at when creating the mission.

There’s no definite release date, but you should expect the Special Operation to arrive in late 2017.