Warface to show face at Gamescom. New closed beta announced


Warface was released in Russia ages ago and quickly garnered more than five million players. It’s a bit of a mystery why it’s not turned up on our shores yet. It isn’t completely absent from the continent, though. Crytek will have Warface playable on the show floor at Gamescom next week. It also marks the start of a new closed beta.

The European beta was taken offline ahead of what was thought to be a release but the game never appeared. From what Jeremy and I have played of the game it’s excellent fun (though a little on the hard side if you aren’t willing to put any money down). You can read his preview here.

According to this press release, the new closed beta will launch on 21 August in Europe, North America, and Turkey.

Hopefully Crytek will be answering questions about why it’s taken this long for Warface to be released and when we can expect an open beta or full release.