Warface Tower Raid video shows elevators are more fun with heavy machine guns

Warface Crytek

As objectives go, stop a man from reaching the top of the building in his elevator is less than exciting. At least, that’s the case on paper. WarFace’s latest trailer proves it can be very very exciting if, as well as elevators, there are heavy machine guns, helicopters, mechs, and explosions.

WarFace continues to deliver on its ridiculous name with ridiculously fun levels.

This best explains Tower Raid:

The co-op mission taps into both The Raid and Dredd, two films that took the trapped in a tower premise and delivered in spades. Each level of the tower gives you little room to manoeuvre, focuses your attention on clear entrances, and your goal is always simple: climb.

Five of you can climb the tower and for each extra player the map ramps up in difficulty, spewing out more Blackwood security forces to beat you down.

Jeremy played WarFace a ways back now at a preview event. He was promptly turned into a fan. He got me onto the game and I too became a fan. WarFace is simple, bullet-thunking-into-concrete fun. It’s free-to-play and you can sign up on Warface’s website.