Warface trailered as closed beta slides into view


Warface’s first closed beta was put to bed a good while ago now, and I’m actually really starting to miss it. There’s nothing new in what it does, exactly: nothing about its taste you couldn’t recreate in a cocktail with the right ratio of CoD and Counter-Strike and a little umbrella courtesy of the TF2 Item Workshop. But it became my go-to game for fast, fair thrills, without recourse to anything more powerful than a laptop.

Whassis, though? A new trailer powersliding its way around the corner, pouring rounds into my heart and surrounding chest cavity as it does so? Warface, you cheeky devil. Where have you been?

The bits with the boats and the rolling convoys are taken from Warface’s odd co-operative mode – imagine House of the Dead discovered khaki but retained its unquenchable desire for your human coins. So probably ignore them.

The blowing up of doors, however, and the seemingly player-controlled tanks? That’s new, and oh-so-exciting. The accordion-like push and pull of its maps provides Warface’s greatest highs, and both new additions seem conducive to that.

Read our ageing Warface hands-on for more on old battle-mug. I imagine you lot aren’t nearly as sold on the game as I am yet, are you? Oh, you’ll come round.

Thanks, RPS.