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Warframe Update 13.0 introduces a character who can turn into a puddle at will


Battlesuited third-person techno-puncher Warframe is about to receive a mammoth update, assuming it’s a sort of weaponised, steel-alloy adorned mammoth with guns instead of tusks and a big sword for a trunk. The inspirationally named Update 13.0 introduces a host of changes to the futuristic scrapper, including a totally revamped melee system and a special kind of advanced superfighter who can turn into a puddle. Excuse me?

Here’s a video from the boys and girls at Digital Extremes that describes the new changes. It’s so casually delivered. Wouldn’t you like to work there?

The brand new Hydroid Warframe described in the video above can also be seen in more detail in the video below, in case you’re interested in precisely how a person can turn into water. Probably has something to do with demolecularisation on the sub-atomic scale, if you ask me.