After 10 years, Warframe is finally getting cross-progression

Yes you read that right folks, Warframe is finally getting cross save and cross progression, meaning you can dive back into your adventure on any platform.

After 10 years, Warframe is finally getting cross-progression: A ninja character stands segmented into four diamonds, with a green, blue, red, and white panel

Warframe cross progression is one of the RPG game‘s most highly requested features, and thankfully Digital Extremes has confirmed that it’s finally being implemented soon. You’ll be able to dive right back in where you left off regardless of what platform you’re playing Warframe on, and, honestly, that’s a relief.

As someone who has very little free time, having to constantly restart games on console is the bane of my existence. Some of my coolest Warframe skins are on PlayStation (I’m sorry PCGamesN), for example, meaning my PC wardrobe feels very, very bare by comparison.

Enter cross-progression, a system that’s being more widely implemented of late to ensure that you can access all of your content regardless of what platform you choose to play on that day. While it’s not in Warframe just yet, I have good news for you, Tenno.

At Tennocon 2023, the first in-person Warframe event since COVID, Digital Extremes has revealed that cross-progression is finally coming to Warframe, and that may just be some of the most exciting news of the day.

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Digital Extremes has confirmed that Warframe cross-progression will drop at some point in 2023, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

While it won’t be part of the Whispers in the Walls or Abyss of Dagath updates, those are both stacked with plenty of content so I wouldn’t worry too much – after all, that snippet of Whispers in the Walls looks amazing.

A ninja character across four diamonds with green, blue, and red and the Warframe logo

Digital Extremes also implemented crossplay in Warframe earlier this year, so cross-progression feels like the perfect next step for the multiplayer game. As more details are announced, trust me I’ll be on the edge of my seat – Wisp Dex, my long lost love, we shall be reunited once more.

Until then, we have a rundown of the best Warframe builds to help you level up your lethality. Or, if you’re taking a break until Whispers in the Walls, we have a list of some other ninja games to keep you busy.