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Warframe cross save and cross-progression explained

With a hearty following on both console and PC, it’s important to know how Warframe cross-progression works to make the most from your loot.

After 10 years, Warframe is finally getting cross-progression: A ninja character stands segmented into four diamonds, with a green, blue, red, and white panel

How does Warframe cross save work? Warframe players finally have a feature they’ve be clamoring for for a long time; cross-progression. This means that anything you do on console will be mirrored on PC, and vice versa. Vital for those Warframe players who like to diversify their time, but how does it work?

Warframe has long been not only one of the best free PC games you can play but for those of a sneaky persuasion, one of the best Ninja games, too – a genre that has a surprising amount of depth. Here’s how Warframe cross-progression functions.

A ninja character across four diamonds with green, blue, and red and the Warframe logo

How to enable Warframe cross save

To enable Warframe cross-progression and cross save, you must declare one of your console and PC accounts as the primary account. Once you have your primary account, head to the Warframe connect account page and link the two together.

Anything from the primary account will be shared with the other, but please note that the primary account will override the other, and you will no longer be able to access anything other than your primary.

Merging Warframe accounts

There is a one-time account merge option, whereby you can combine customizations, resources, and currencies across multiple accounts into a single account – ideally your primary account. Only accounts created before November 24 that have not previously undergone PC-to-console account migration are eligible.

Any eligible accounts will be automatically merged when you undergo the linking process detailed above. It is also important to note that only one account per platform is eligible for a merge. Warframe account merging will not be around forever, but the developer will give players a month’s notice before it is shut down.

Now that you know how to merge your accounts and make use of cross save in Warframe, the only thing left to do is get out there and get slaying. We have the best Warframe builds here, and the Warframe system requirements if you want to make sure your PC can run it.