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Earn double credits from now until Monday in Warframe


Warframe has just launched an extended bonus weekend, starting today and ending Monday September 21 at 2pm EDT. During the weekend, earn double credits during missions to rank up Warframes and weapons.

You can also take on High-Reward Alerts, earning some valuable rewards, and take advantage of Darvo's 50% off sale. 

Here are all the Alerts to watch for (all times are EDT) during the Proxy Rebellion Bonus Weekend:

Alert 1

September 17 at 2pm, until September 18 at 2 pm.

Tessera (Venus): The Proxy Rebellion.  Reward: Orokin Catalyst + 10,000 Credits.

Alert 2

September 18 at 2pm, until September 19 at 2pm.

(Martialis) Mars: The Proxy Rebellion. Reward: Orokin Reactor + 10,000 Credits.

Alert 3

September 19 at 2pm, until September 20 at 2 pm.

Palus (Pluto) The Proxy Rebellion. Reward: Wraith Twin Vipers with Weapon Slot + 50,000 Credits.

Alert 4

September 20 at 2pm, until September 21 at 2pm. 

Io (Jupiter) The Proxy Rebellion. Reward: 25 Rare Mod Cores + 10,000 Credits.


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stanscut Avatar
2 Years ago

Just in case anyone wonders: The Credit-Boost does stack with another Credit booster. So you can use the 7-Day code from the humble bundle some time ago and have 4x Credits. Now excuse me I have to get rich