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Warframe’s Gas City rework is called the Jovian Concord, and it launches this month

We've got a soft release date for the Gas City rework, Wisp, and more

Warframe: The Jovian Concord is the next big update for the game, and – on PC, at least – it’ll be available this month. The update brings us the long-awaited Gas City rework, a new Warframe with Wisp, a new horde-style mode called Disruption, and somewhere in the clouds of Jupiter’s moon, a big new boss to battle.

The new Ganymede will let you get into Disruption, which has you collecting keys from Amalgams to activate artifacts. Once the artifacts are live, you’ll have to defend them from enemies, and they’ll each have a random buff or debuff to vary things up. You can activate multiple artifacts at once, if you want bigger challenges and bigger rewards.

We’re also finally getting Wisp in this update, after the new frame was shown alongside Hildryn months ago. The developers showed off a bit more of her second ability on stream, revealing that you can hold the cast to make the spectral copy move faster and then teleport to its location. It’ll also work alongside Sol Gate for a fiery bit of extra damage.

There was also a look at Wisp’s signature shotgun, which turns into a lightning rifle for its secondary firing mode.

You can see far more in the full devstream above.

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Between the likes of Hildryn, the Plains of Eidolon remaster, and now the Jovian Concord, Warframe shows no sign of slowing down, and Digital Extremes has kept that train rolling admirably.