Warframe’s Nights of Naberus event returns for Halloween

You're also getting a free-to-play quest called Chains of Harrow

One of Warframe's tenno wearing some gear from the Halloween event

Spooky season is upon us, so your favourite live-service games are getting into the Halloween spirit. Warframe is no exception, with Digital Extremes rolling out several free-to-play quests and themed events for the space game starting today.

The Nights of Naberus kicks off a month-long event that features rewards like the new Nyctalus Ephemera, glyphs, and returning items from years gone by. For a limited time, you can also redeem several event-exclusive rewards in exchange for Mother Tokens like the Whispering Naberus Mobile, an Orbiter decoration that narrates Grandmother’s “ghost story” when interacted with. You’re also getting the Stalker Noodle, Basmu Blueprint, Ceti Lacera Blueprint, Ballroom Simulacrum scene, and more.

Warframe’s Halloween event is themed after the ancient Orokin festival of death and mischief and is accessible through the Daughter in Necralisk on Deimos. You’ll notice that she’s running a limited-time shop packed with rewards and Halloween-themed items. Nights of Naberus begins today (October 6) at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm BST, and wraps up on November 3.

You also have Day of the Dead content, which comes with a new Halloween Glyph bundle, and a free-to-play quest called Chains of Harrow that comes with an online prequel webcomic.

A silhouette of a figure in Warframe's Chains of Horrow quest

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