Warframe bonus XP weekend is upon us, let the clone culling begin


PCGamesN are at work today, because we’re based in the UK, but if you want to think it’s because we’re extraordinarily dedicated to the reportage of the world’s most vital entertainment medium then go right ahead. Some of you are of course taking a well-deserved long weekend off to do something unspeakable to a turkey, and for that reason Digital Extremes are sweetening the rewards for shooting militarised clones in the – oo, let’s check – tenth most played game on Steam.

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“Spend this weekend recovering from your turkey coma by making space a more hospitable place to be,” suggest the developers.

From now til 12pm ET on Monday November 30th, they’ll be hosting a Palatine Bonus event. That means you’ll earn double Affinity – the co-op shooter equivalent of XP – for the duration. There’s a nod to Black Friday too, not only in the practice of fending off waves of humanoids who can’t be reasoned with, but in the discounts on the Warframe Market:

  • 50% off all Archwing & Archwing weapons
  • 20% off all non-Deluxe Warframe Accessories
  • Buy One Get One on all Fusion Packs and Transmute Core Packs
  • Buy One Get One on all Mod Packs

The event also marks the release of Digital Extremes’ Palatine Rhino deluxe skin and the Wukong warframe, which among other things allows you to become a cloud of mist and float through the battlefield. Think you’ll evaporate in Warframe at some point this weekend?