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Warframe’s newest Frame is a pistol packing robot priest

Warframe Chains of Harrow

With Warframe’s Chains of Harrow expansion launching next week, developers Digital Extremes have released loads of information on this content pack. Along with the titular Harrow Frame, this update adds the ability to dual wield secondary and thrown melee weapons, alongside a new enemy and tile set for maps based on Earth.

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Acting as a support Frame, Harrow manipulates the energies of the Void to “bolster allies’ defenses and amplify their lethality.” With its staff, thurible, and mechanic mitre atop its head, the Harrow looks like a robotic version of a medieval Flagellant. Its Condemn ability has the Harrow firing off a wave of energy, which chains enemies to the floor if they get hit. Every chained enemy slightly reinforces Harrow’s shields. Penance then has Harrow flagellating itself with its spiked thurible, stripping off some of its shields while boosting its reload speed and fire rate. Any damage inflicted on enemies while Harrow is paying its penance is then converted to health for itself and nearby friendlies.

Thurible has Harrow channeling energy into its incense burner to buff nearby allies. Once it has finished saying its prayers, Harrow can generate extra energy for its allies by killing enemies. The longer Harrow spins the Thurible, the greater the energy buff. Scoring headshots also grants friendlies more energy. Harrow’s final ability is Covenant, where the Frame surrounds allies with a special damage absorbing barrier. Any damage absorbed by this barrier will be converted into a huge critical chance bonus. If you’re in the Covenant, charge right into the thick of it to gain a massive buff to your damage. The critical chance bonus is amplified again if you score a headshot, so eagle-eyed Frames can become a force of nature when paired with a Harrow.

To unlock the Harrow Frame, players must complete the Chains of the Harrow quest. It appears in the Codex if you have completed The War Within and have unlocked Mot in the Void. Besides this troublesome robot priest, this update allows players to dual wield a thrown melee weapon and a secondary weapon for quick melee combos. This speed is great for taking out the new Nox enemy, a toxic trooper that attacks players with an explosive goo gun.

For all the details on the Chains of the Harrow expansion, click over to the official Warframe website.