Warframe Fortuna has hoverboard races and a new faction to give you custom deck art

Warframe's getting K-Drive races, and they'll give you standing with the Vent Kids for sick new deck art

Warframe is getting extreme with the introduction of K-Drive hoverboards, and they’ll offer exactly the sort of sweet style you’d want want from a futuristic skateboard. You can earn deck art by gaining standing with the new faction, the Vent Kids, and you’ll naturally be grinding rep by grinding tricks, in what I’d like to describe as a sort of Tenno Hawk’s Pro Skater.

You’ll be able to enter K-Drive races in Fortuna, offering time trials along intricately designed courses, where you’ll be using mobility tricks like leans, grinds, and turbo to propel yourself into new areas. Oh, and a pertinent detail since the last time we saw the boards in action – they can hover over water, just as you’d expect them to. You’ll have 20 races to compete in at launch, and there’ll be daily missions to complete that will be rotated across the map.

These races will give you rep with the Vent Kids, who – naturally – can be found hidden in a vent. The kids are orphans of Fortuna, and form sort of a mini-faction you can interact with. Not only are they the ones hacking up Corpus tech to build the K-Drives, once you’ve built up rep with them they’ll offer custom deck art for your board.

You can see some of that deck art below.

For a much lengthier look at the Vent Kids and K-Drive in action, you can view today’s full dev stream below. The relevant bit begins at 17:45.

The Warframe Fortuna release date is set for this autumn, and you can follow that link for much more info on what we know so far.