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Warframe Frame Fighter turns the co-op shooter into a brawler

Digital Extremes has added a new Street Fighter-like mode to Warframe, called Frame Fighter. Good?

Warframe Frame Fighter

Digital Extremes has added a new free game mode to Warframe along with the latest update, but it’s not something you might expect from a free-to-play online shooter. It’s called Frame Fighter, and it’s a Street Fighter-like beat-em-up arcade mode, complete with health bars and match timers. That’s… good, we guess?

The new Frame Fighter minigame transforms the player’s Orbiter into a special arena battleground. First it has to be picked up by visiting Cephalon Simaris in the Sanctuary, and acquiring the Ludoplex by spending Warframe’s Standing resource. Digital Extremes calls the Ludoplex the “new home for all of Warframe’s minigames”, suggesting there are more modes like this to come.

The developer goes into detail about the new mode on their website. Once players have game, they can choose to play the Frame Fighter minigame with the Excalibur, Volt and Mag warframes. Additional characters can be unlocked by finding Fragments and scanning them in the game. Players can even use the Prime version of a character, if they have them in their inventory.

The idea for a 1v1 fighting game mode in Warframe came from a player called Lococrazy_, who suggested a Street Fighter-like mode back in January, and even created a fake screenshot. Digital Extremes liked Loco’s idea so much they invited him on their livestream in March, and surprised him with a basic version of Frame Fighter. Now it’s more polished and available for everyone.

While there may be more modes like this coming, the developer have also already added two other smaller minigames, which are available alongside Frame Fighter in the Ludoplex – the side-scrolling ‘Wyrmius’, and the very Flappy Bird-like ‘Happy Zephyr’. “These games are still available through more secret means, if you know where to look!” the developer adds, cryptically.