Warframe: Tomb of the Sentients trailer shows off parkour 2.0

warframe tomb of the setient parkour 2 0 digital extremes

Warframe’s going from strength to strength. Originally launching as a middling co-op shooter with space ninjas, it’s now one of the most popular games on Steam. 

Digital Extremes have released a steady stream of updates for Warframe, remaking major elements of the game, such as combat and level generation. Now, with the Tomb of the Sentients update they’re redesigning movement, allowing you to move like the space ninja you are.

Have a look at parkour 2.0.

While the trailer below is staged it shows off the new spaces you’ll be navigating and the moves you’ll use to navigate them:

It looks gloriously cool. There’s none of the clumsy acrobatics the game’s developed a reputation for. Fingers crossed it will play as well as it looks

According to buffed.de, Digital Extremes are working on a Capture the Flag-style mode, Capture the Cephalon. Apparently the Cephalon won’t be thrilled by being taken, cheering for the enemy team whenever you take damage, and will insult you the whole time you drag it back to your base.

The team also plan to add eight player raids, doubled from the usual four. These high level missions will provide lots of powerful loot and can be replayed as much as you like.

Digital Extremes haven’t said when the new content will be released but it’s certainly piqued my interest.