Warframe update adds new eight player mission, PVP maps and element master Chroma warframe

Warframe Santuary Update

Warframe’s first update of 2015 is a chunky one, dubbed the “Sanctuary” update. It brings with it an overhauled PVP, including a new game mode called Cephalon Capture. Also in the mix of goodies is a new eight player mission, and a new Warframe to test it with. Chroma is an insectoid master of the elements, wielding fire, ice and poison, each with deadly effect.

First, lets take a look at the newest Warframe: Chroma.

Chroma seems quite nifty to say the least. He can use each element on the fly to adapt to any situation, allowing him to excel at almost any task. His ability to temporarily shed his armour for more offensive power is also quite interesting – high risk, but high reward.

Moving on, a new mission has graced Warframe, this time being able to field up to eight players at a time. It’ll see players on the hunt for Grineer Councilor Vay Hek, who’s been cornered by the Lotus. While the mission can take a maximum of eight players, you can play with as little as four, but the difficult won’t be scaled accordingly. Prepare for a challenge.

Finally, PVP 2.0 is out, and with it is a new game mode: Cephalon Capture. The mode will begin with a pool of three maps on launch, that rotate between rounds. Also with the new PVP changes, players will only be able to use weapons and mods that have been balanced exclusively for PVP, which will expand in future updates.

You can check out the rest of the patch right here.