Wargame: Airland Battle video explains the awesome dynamic campaign mode


Focus Interactive look set to unleash a truly deep and replayable strategy game in Wargame: Airland Battle. We’ve already seen how their new deck system will reward you for taking tactical risks, which as a side-effect will lead to more difficult games. And, now, today’s video reveals the game’s dynamic campaign that can be played solo or against a friend in what promises to be a frequently changing battlescape as one side aims to liberate a continent from the other.

Playing as either NATO or the Soviets your time in the dynamic campaign is spent split between the campaign map and the battlefield. The campaign map sees you selecting where to move your command groups and which regions to attack, and the battlefield launches whenever two command groups meet. Victory in battles awards you points to spend on new platoons, intel, drop troops, and even tactical nukes.

It looks akin to the campaign mode in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade where there wasn’t a story mode as such but just a Risk map-style board that you wanted to turn to your faction’s colours. If that’s the case then Wargame could be an eminently replayable game.

Still struggling to get over quite how good the game looks considering the number of units the engine is having to handle. Really raises the bar for stategy games.

Wargame: Airland Battle is due out 30 May.