Wargame: Airland Battle Vox Populi DLC is free and released by popular demand


Eugen Systems have released a pretty massive expansion to their RTS Wargame: Airland Battle for free. It adds co-op to all the game’s campaign missions, new game modes for multiplayer, new maps, 24 new units, and added controls for skirmish games.

Did I mention this was for free? That’s lovely of them.

According to Eugen, Vox Populi “has been developed specifically to respond to the demands of the community”

Multiplayer’s gained a new mode called Conquest. Rather than seeking to destroy your opponent’s forces, victory is attained through territory control. The new mode will put a huge emphasis on scouting and proper unit placement – if you have your troops holding a point without the proper intel you won’t be in a position to retreat and keep them fighting for another day.

The new mode can be played on all the maps currently released (including the five new maps added in this DLC).

The game’s campaign is now playable in co-op. Previously you could play a versus campaign, that saw you and a friend/enemy trying to seize control and cut each other’s supply lines on a Risk-style map of Europe. Now you can play together.

Skirmish mode’s been enhanced to allow more control when setting up your bouts. You can select the nationality and type of equipment employed by your opponent.

I said there were 24 new units too, right?

Add the new content to your copy of Airland through the Steam store.

Cheers, VG247.