(Re)introducing Wargamer, your ally for wargames and board games

With a new look and an expanded remit, Network N's latest site aims to cover a whole new realm of gaming

The world of gaming is vast, and exists well beyond the clicking and whirring forest of PC towers where we at PCGamesN have built our orange fortress. It’s the mission of our parent company, Network N, to bring you first-class coverage of all that occurs within this vast landscape, and today we’re excited to reintroduce Wargamer, one of our sister sites, with a new look and an expanded remit.

A veteran site with 25 years on the internet, Wargamer once catered solely to hardcore wargames and strategy games under the leadership of editor Joe Robinson, who has since brought his rich knowledge of all things RTS, TBS, and 4X to PCGamesN as our strategy editor. While Wargamer will continue to cover these games, it will also recognise the substantial overlap between these and similar games played out on 6’x4′ tabletops in garages and conservatories around the world.

Tabletop miniatures games like Warhammer, TTRPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, and physical board games more generally have absolutely exploded in recent years. We have many fans of them on PCGamesN – including myself – and we’re really excited that Network N now has a site dedicated to this fast-growing realm of gaming.

From now on, you may look to Wargamer not only for hardcore digital wargames, but also for coverage of Warhammer, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and all games like them.

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So join us and our friends at The Loadout and Pocket Tactics in welcoming a fourth sibling to the affectionately squabbling family of Network N editorial sites, and check out the handsome petrol blue tones of the new-look Wargamer here.