Wargroove will feature Arcade and Challenge modes

Wargroove is still a way off, but will feature Arcade and Challenge modes, as well as campaign and cutscene editors


The CEO of Chucklefish, Finn ‘Tiyuri’ Brice, has revealed some new features that will be included in the game’s upcoming turn-based tactical game, Wargroove. In a pair of tweets posted earlier today, Brice listed several additional features coming to the game, as well as offering some more context around its ongoing development.

In his first of the two tweets, Brice said that the game is “coming along at a really good pace,” but that “the reason it’s been taking longer than expected is because we decided we wanted a very complete and robust ‘package’ as well as wanting to perfect everything that was there.” He also thanks fans for their patience, but there’s still no word on a release date.

The second tweet, however, revealed a bunch of features that will appear in the finished product. Some of those, such as the campaign and some of the editing features, we already knew about. Brice’s tweet, however, did reveal a few new modes, as well as offering a little more about the game’s editing options.

The second tweet tells us, first of all, that Wargroove will feature “a many hours long campaign,” although admittedly that’s not much of a surprise. We also now know, however, that it’ll also include an “arcade mode exploring each character,” as well as a challenge mode, a “level/campaign editor,” and the means to put together your own cutscenes.

There’ll also be a jukebox, a codex, secret unlockables. The list, which is definitely not exhaustive, also clarifies that there’ll be both local and online multiplayer options.

The Wargroove release date was originally intended to be in the second half of this year. Brice doesn’t elaborate on that, so it’s still very possible that we do get our hands on it in the next few months.