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Wargroove has 12 campaigns and an editor to add more


Update June 14, 2017: Chucklefish have published a special dev blog on its Campaign Editor with additional details.

This editor is the very same one that the dev team used when creating the game as a whole.

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It will be available on all platforms Wargroove is shipping on and you can share your maps online with friends or the entire world. This means you’ll be able to use either mouse or controller to create said maps depending on what console you’re playing on. 

Original, June 12, 2017: Wargroove, the game that looks like a spiritual successor to the Game Boy series Advance Wars, was shown off at the E3 PC Gaming Show. Developer Chucklefish revealed that the game will feature 12 campaigns, plus an editor that allows players to create their own maps and campaigns.

The map editor seems simple to use, allowing you to quickly put together missions and maps. In just three minutes two developers created a playable snippet.

The editor is not just about drawing maps, you can also create conditions that allow a campaign to branch, such as when a player hits a high score. There’s even the tools to add scripted sequences, so you can have bandits jump out of the woods to ambush a player.