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Here’s exactly what time you can play the Dawn of War 3 beta

Dawn of War 3 Wraithknight

Dawn of War 3 isn’t out for another week, but you can try it out in the open beta tonight. We’ve got the exact times together so you can get ready for waaagh!

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The Dawn of War 3 beta starts today, April 21. You can register at that link back there.

Here are the launch times:

  • 10am PT
  • 12pm CDT
  • 1pm ET
  • 6pm BST
  • 10:30pm IST

The beta gives you access to all three factions – Orks, Space Marines, and the Eldar – though you’ll be limited on the hero front. You’ll also only be able to play multiplayer across three maps, in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 modes.

As well as restricting what heroes you can use, you’ll also only be able to use six Doctrines per faction. Doctrines allow you to customise your army with tweaks. As with most betas, progress will not carry across to the full game.

The beta ends on Monday, April 24, at the same time. Check out our Dawn of War 3 review for more.